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    Get dressed and drive to restaurant, wait tobe seated Shop, prep, cook, clean Food delivered to your door, heat and eat  

Lean Fuel

  #1 Wasabi, oat crusted thin tenderized chicken “rollatini” rolled and stuffed with spinach and mashed sweet potato
37g protein | 34g carbs | 4g fat | 320 calories
1hr cook & clean  
  #2 Lean ground turkey tomato sauce over brown rice pasta with fresh cilantro grilled zucchini
41g protein | 39g carbs | 3g fat | 347 calories
1hr cook & clean  
  #3 Egg white crepe filled with buffalo free-range chicken breast slices, cilantro and celery topped with an avocado paste. Two crepes per container.
37g protein | 25g carbs | 7g fat | 311 calories
1hr cook & clean  

Competition Clean

  #4 Cajun seasoned mahi mahi served with steamed broccoli (Paleo, GF, LC)
32g protein | 7g carbs | 1g fat | 165 calories
1hr cook & clean  
  #5 Spicy BBQ lean ground turkey burger and herb roasted yellow squash served with red quinoa
32g protein | 31g carbs | 3g fat | 279 calories
1hr cook & clean  
  #6 Grilled free-range chicken breast served with garlic dusted sweet potato wedges and roasted Brussels sprouts (Paleo, GF)
34g protein | 27g carbs | 4g fat | 280 calories
1hr cook & clean  

Fuel Lite Paleo

  #7 Fresh herb baked cod with olive oil and garlic sautéed kale (Paleo, GF, LC)
30g protein | 4g carbohydrates | 2g fat | 154 calories
1hr cook & clean  
  #8 All-natural turkey breast tenderloins with sliced cucumbers (Paleo, GF, LC)
32g protein | 3g carbohydrates | 3g fat | 186 calories
1hr cook & clean  
  #9 5 scrambled egg whites with fresh sliced tomatoes (Paleo, GF, LC)
21g protein | 2g carbohydrates | 1g fat | 136 calories
1hr cook & clean  


  #10 4-ounce cocoa hazelnut protein pudding fondue dip (*contains whey isolate protein powder). Served with skewer of fresh strawberries, banana and blackberries. Contains 2 snack servings per container. (D, N)
32g protein | 45g carbs | 3g fat | 335 calories per serving
1hr cook & clean  
  #11 Oatmeal-crusted chicken nuggets served with no-sugar-added honey mustard dipping sauce and homemade dehydrated kale chips. Contains 2 snack servings per container.
34g protein | 16g protein | 7g fat | 236 calories (with sauce)
1hr cook & clean  
  #12 Raw coconut protein bars made with coconut, almonds, walnuts, dates, cinnamon, dried blueberries and oats. Four bars per container. One serving is two bars. (*contains whey isolate) (D, N)
12g protein | 28g carbs | 11g fat | 259 calories per serving
1hr cook & clean  


  #13 50% egg white, 50% egg scramble with 2 lean turkey sausage links and 4-ounce homemade oatmeal
32g protein | 35g carbs | 9g fat | 349 calories
1hr cook & clean  
  #14 Homemade organic quinoa, flax, walnut, granola protein cereal with fresh berries (N)
32g protein | 29g carbs | 7g fat | 307 calories
1hr cook & clean  
  #15 Cinnamon apple crisp protein muffins topped with a pecan crumble. Contains 4 muffins. (*made with egg white and oatmeal) (N)
18g protein | 25g carbs | 4g fat | 208 calories
1hr cook & clean  

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Olivia Langdon
Fuel Food's quality ingredients and nutrient-dense meals provide constant energy that my body needs to train, recover and lean down for my competitions. It saves me the hassle of cooking clean, and I never feel deprived when preparing for a show!
Rebecca Clark
"FuelFood helps me stay on track when my busy schedule and long hours don't leave me enough time to prep my meals."
Thiago Alves
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FuelFood will fuel your body to great results and a great body!!
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